More about Ken Waldman, More about Trump Sonnets

Want to know more about Ken Waldman?

Click this Ken Waldman link for a whole website about the music, the writing, the kids' programs, the roots
music variety shows, and more. If you need to see his vita, it's right here.

Here's a short Ken Waldman bio:

Ken Waldman combines Appalachian-style string-band music, original poetry, and Alaska-set storytelling for a
performance uniquely his. Nine CDs include two for for children. Eighteen books include a kids' book, a memoir
(about his life as a touring artist), fifteen full-length poetry collections, and a hybrid book that's part creative
writing manual, part memoir, part poetry collection. He's appeared at leading performing arts centers, concert
series, colleges, festivals, and clubs throughout North America.

Want to know more about this Trump Sonnets project?

Click this link to get to the successful May 15-July 4, 2018 Kickstarter campaign. If you want the more complete story,
be sure to take time to read the description and updates.

A three-paragraph summary:

The day after the 2016 November presidential election, Ken Waldman jotted a phrase: Before long, this guy would
would make George W. look like a statesman.
That insight led to a sonnet, which led to dozens more. By mid-December,
Ken Waldman had enough for Trump Sonnets, Volume 1, which Ridgeway Press of Roseville, Michigan immediately
published, and which Ken Waldman had in his hands by the inauguration.

That book led to Trump Sonnets, Volume 2, which Ken Waldman wrote while on tour in spring 2017. Summer 2017,
he wrote an essay, "Donald Trump is My Muse," to try and explain the deluge of poems. His stage show titled "Trump
Sonnets or: How I've Taken on Donald Trump (and Won)"
features these poems. From fall 2017 to spring 2018, he
wrote Trump Sonnets, Volume 3. The stage show has continued to evolve to reflect the new work.

People asked if there would be a Volume 4. Yes, Ken Waldman answered, saying that he'd been doing his job as an
engaged citizen. Trump Sonnets, Volume 4 was released in early 2020. Volume 5? Ken Waldman spent mid-March to
mid-April 2020  holed up writing virus-inspired poems. Trump Sonnets, Volume 5 was in his hands by summer 2020
for an early 2021 publication date. Volumes 6 and 7 are also now out, and spring 2021 he has review copies of
Volume 8, with its September 1, 2021 publication date.

Photo taken by Tom Wayne, co-owner of Prospero's Books in Kansas City. Tom, along with co-owner, Will Leathem, have been most supportive of this project (and have sold plenty of books and hosted a pair of events). One hope: more bookstores like Prospero's!