"Funny and smart"

-- Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books

Trump Sonnets--3 Full-Length Poetry Collections (Yes, The 3rd is On the Way)

You want satire? Yes, we have satire!

You want tough-minded poems? Yes, we have tough-minded poems!

You want answers? (Is there ever an answer?) One answer, maybe, is
to read all three Trump Sonnets books, have yourself some fun, and be
inspired to stay vigilant and do what you can in these perilous times.

Trump Sonnets, Volume 1 (Ridgeway Press, Roseville MI, 2017)
Trump Sonnets, Volume 2 (Ridgeway Press, Roseville MI, 2018)
Trump Sonnets, Volume 3 (Ridgeway Press, Roseville MI, 2019)

On the right, a sampler video from a July 2, 2017 event at Malvern Books
in Austin, Texas. That was part of a tour for Trump Sonnets, Volume 1.

Late August 2018, Ridgeway Press updated their website. Click that link
to read about the Michigan publisher of these three books.