Trump Sonnets, Volume 4 is on its way

Trump Sonnets, Volume 4, The Shrunken Soul Edition is finished and due out in early 2020 from Ridgeway Press.

A Kickstarter campaign will begin in October, 2019. Below, a poem from the new collection.


Donald Trump: His Shrunken Soul 

8 p.m., and this is my shrunken soul. 
I've done such important work with migrants,
whose arrival I've so halted. I can't
believe I haven't yet won the Nobel
Prize. I've accomplished these incredible
things that no one else could have. A giant
triumph, too, with North Korea. I want
peace there and in the Middle East. Noble
undertakings. And Venezuela
is on my list. So much to do to fix
the world's problems. I must be made supreme
president. No more from Guatemala.
All those illegal migrants make me sick.
They don't follow rules. You know what I mean.