Trump Sonnets, Volume 4 is on its way--check out the front and back covers!

Trump Sonnets, Volume 4, The Shrunken Soul Edition is finished and due out in early 2020 from Ridgeway Press.
Thanks to all of you who made this late October to early December 2019 Kickstarter campaign a success.
Read all about it right here! Copies are already in my hands, and as of mid-March are also with the publisher,
and with the distributor. Its official publication date is later this spring, 2020.

Below, three poems from the new collection.


Donald Trump: His Shrunken Soul 

8 p.m., and this is my shrunken soul. 
I've done such important work with migrants,
whose arrival I've so halted. I can't
believe I haven't yet won the Nobel
Prize. I've accomplished these incredible
things that no one else could have. A giant
triumph, too, with North Korea. I want
peace there and in the Middle East. Noble
undertakings. And Venezuela
is on my list. So much to do to fix
the world's problems. I must be made supreme
president. No more from Guatemala.
All those illegal migrants make me sick.
They don't follow rules. You know what I mean.


Lindsay Graham: 4:46 a.m. 

Granted, he's going to go his own way.
But you have to understand, his instincts
are unparalleled. Who knows how he thinks,
but he's got his own system. Every day
is different, mind you. So we have to stay
on our toes. Sometimes it sure as hell stinks,
the uncertainty. But then in a wink
he's back on cue. Yes, he can do or say
the most outlandish things and get away
with it. That's a big part of his great charm.
Critics think at some point he'll have to pay,
but he's not built like that. There's never harm
to him. But the rest of us must watch our
every step, and our backs. That's his power.


Vladimir Putin: 3:53 p.m. 

He's the best friend Russia has ever had. 
I love my meetings with the man. He's like
putty, a play thing to mold as I like.
At first sight I could tell he was quite mad,
like a very strange puzzle. Good and bad
mean nothing to him. Such a weak psyche--
it's all his name and money. How he likes
to be complimented. You'd think it's sad
how easily he's manipulated.
We think he's the truest American
we've ever met. He's so dedicated
to himself. I tell him I'm a big fan
of his many accomplishments. He thinks
I'm his friend. What's in the soda he drinks?