Trump Sonnets or: How I've Taken on Donald Trump (and Won)

The essay that led to this theater piece, which was originally titled Donald Trump is My Muse is right here
(and is included in the new book, The Writing Party).

Monday, January 7, 2019, Ken was joined by multi-instrumentalist, Tom Bailey in New York City. 
Poster is below. The show was satisfying and lots of fun. January 14, Ken did a set at Club Passim in
Cambridge where he was joined by banjo player, Joel Wennerstrom, multi-instrumentalist, Erica Weiss,
and special guest, Scotty Leach for the Harvard Square appearance. January 27, Ken was featured reader
at the famed Maple Leaf Bar poetry series in New Orleans. January 28, he was joined by Jackson Lynch
for a full-length Trump Sonnets show at Art Klub NOLA.

Information about a January 2018 New York City show is right here, and a link to a 2018 Asheville show
is here. The show continues to be in development; there's always new material. In March 6, 2019 Ken
Waldman appeared with multi-instrumentalist, John Pedersen for a Trump Sonnets show at the Marsh
in San Francisco. That June he did five solo Trump Sonnets shows in Portland, Maine at PortFringe 2019

Ken Waldman's favorite comments about the show were from a NYC attendee who compared his
performance to both Mark Russell and The Capitol Steps and from a Portland reviewer, Douglas
Milliken, who wrote, "how is this not the perfect vehicle for discussing the human experience of our
45th president?" 

Most recent favorite comment about his overall work is from NYC director Max Blake Friedman, who
says Ken Waldman is "an American hero."

In July 2020, Ken Waldman, joined by cellist, Lizzie Thompson, was supposed to take the show to the
Regina Fringe Festival in Saskatchewan. In August, they were going to appear at the Edmonton Fringe
Festival in Alberta. But COVID intervened. Now Waldman has seven Trump books with an eighth due
out in September 2021. He'll be doing something with the material especially since pre-pandemic, the
Puffin Foundation, Ltd. of Teaneck NJ awarded Ken Waldman a grant for this production through 2021.

For this January 7, 2019 show, Ken was joined by multi-instrumentalist Tom Bailey, and special guests; top photo, Ken with Edwin McAllister