How to Buy Trump Sonnets (and How to contact Ken Waldman)

Small Press Distribution carries all seven books. You can order directly from SPD, or any good indie bookstore can order on your behalf. You can also buy books directly from Ken Waldman at an event (and he's happy to sign copies). He also sells books the old-fashioned way via postal mail, though only takes cash and checks (he really is old-fashioned, but at least is easy to reach since here's the information for you to write him, phone him, email him:

Ken Waldman                                                          
3705 Arctic #1551
Anchorage, AK 99503

and he's quick to get back to you).


And Here's a tour schedule (It's How to find Ken Waldman in Person)!

Previous events


Portland show

Hostel Cafe

Prepare for a mythic evening when I'm joined by Tia Regan, Willi Carlisle, presumably Jeanie Murphy, and hopefully Ned Leager.