"Funny and smart"

-- Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books

Trump Sonnets--4 Full-Length Poetry Collections (with A 5th & 6th OUT Soon!)

Happy news about this project: The Puffin Foundation, LTD has
awarded a grant to writer/musician/performer Ken Waldman for
his theater piece, Trump Sonnets or: How I've Taken on Donald

Trump (and Won). The announcement came in February, 2020.

You want satire? Yes, we have satire!

You want tough-minded poems? Yes, we have tough-minded poems!

You want answers? (Is there ever an answer?) One answer, maybe, is
to read all four Trump Sonnets books, have yourself some fun, and be
inspired to stay vigilant and do what you can in these perilous times.

Trump Sonnets, Volume 1 (Ridgeway Press, Roseville MI, 2017)
Trump Sonnets, Volume 2 (Ridgeway Press, Roseville MI, 2018)
Trump Sonnets, Volume 3 (Ridgeway Press, Roseville MI, 2019)
Trump Sonnets, Volume 4 (Ridgeway Press, Roseville MI, 2020)

And now Trump Sonnets, Volume 5 is written, and due out in early 2021
(though review copies are expected no later than July 2020). And more
incredibly, Volume 6 has just been completed, also due out in early 2021
(review copies to be available by late July, or August).

On the right, a video produced by Troy Bennett of the Bangor Daily
News in June 2019 prior to Ken Waldman's appearances at PortFringe,
a festival in Portland, Maine. There's a story about it here.

Click the Ridgeway Press website to read about Ridgeway Press, the
Michigan publisher of these Trump-inspired books, and others.

Early 2019, Ken Waldman appeared in New York City, Cambridge MA,
New Orleans, San Francisco, and Portland Maine for book release shows,
including the latest production of the full-length theater piece.

At PortFringe in Portland, Maine, Waldman performed five solo shows.
There, reviewer Douglas Milliken wrote, "It’s a Fringe mainstay, the
unlikely confluence of disparate things finding logical (or at least intuitive)
common ground. For example: on the surface, there seems very little to
suggest that traditional Appalachian fiddle music would lend itself to left-
leaning, spoken-word, Beat-inflected poetry (think less Gary Snyder and
more Jack Kerouac). Yet reduced to their abstractions, what we’re dealing
with are two mythologizing genres, one recalling fondly an idealized
American past and the other a stylized American present. Combine that with
an unselfconscious meander of improvised storytelling, and how is this not
the perfect vehicle for discussing the human experience of our 45th president?"

July 2020 shows at the Regina Fringe Festival in Saskatchewan, and August 2020
shows in Edmonton have been postponed.

Trump Sonnets, Volumes 1, 2, and 3

Trump Sonnets, Volumes 1, 2, and 3