Volume 3 is NOW OUT!

After Trump Sonnets, Volume 1, and Trump Sonnets, Volume 2, Ken Waldman has written Trump Sonnets, Volume 3
This one is subtitled The International Edition. A crowdfunding campaign began May 15 and continued through July 4.

Funding met the target. Not only was the new book published in a timely way, but the funding allowed this dedicated
website to get up and running.

Ridgeway Press delivered on its January 2019 publication date, which meant that books were manufactured and sent for 
review by September, 2018. They arrived in time for a special Austin show at the Long Center. Here's a preview article.

Maybe you want Ken Waldman to come to your community to do a solo show that features this material. You know what
else? He can even come to your house (read this for more information about that kind of show). Ken Waldman can also
come to do a show accompanied by a friend or two. How to make this happen? Contact Ken Waldman for an explanation.

More about this book? Check out the Kickstarter link (here's the full description, and here are all the updates). Immediately
below, responses from three backers who supported the project, and in late August received their books. They are among
this new book's earliest readers. Further below, you'll find the book's cover and a few poems.

"I started with the first book – so very true and sad at the same time. . . . You are a great talent."

"I am glad that your work is out there, and I hope that more and more people discover it and enjoy it like I have." 

"I whipped through your Trump Sonnets . . .  It was tons of fun to read, while simultaneously pissing me off all over again.
Will talk up your books here in the northeast."

Ken Waldman thanks you all for paying attention to this project!

Two poems from Volume 3

Two poems from Volume 3

Another poem from Volume 3

Another poem from Volume 3