Trump Sonnets, Volume 2 is Out in the World

What follows Trump Sonnets, Volume 1

Naturally, Trump Sonnets, Volume 2

This one is subtitled 33 Commentaries, 33 Dreams. Half of this sequel's 66 poems is incisive commentary (and
includes poems for Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions, and Sean Spicer/Sarah Huckabee Sanders in addition to the
Trump ones). The other half are dreams that Ken Waldman imagines Donald Trump might have, and those are
in Trump's voice. 

Ridgeway Press of Roseville, Michigan is publishing this one too. Small Press Distribution in Berkeley is the distributor. 

Want to see a few YouTube videos of poems from the collection? They're here too along with two poems. 

In conjunction with the book, Ken Waldman wrote an essay, "Donald Trump is My Muse" and put together a show: Trump
Sonnets or: How I've Taken on Donald Trump (and Won)

Upon Hearing the Trump Administration May 
          Separate Children from Parents 

Such utter lack of imagination. 
No sense of poetry or metaphor. 
After all, war is never simply war, 
but portal to chaos and extinction. 
Diplomacy is the steady engine 
that maintains order. To keep a border 
secure, don’t build a wall; just fix the door 
so hard-working friends can be welcomed in. 
Yesterday I read of plans to separate 
children from parents, those poor families 
caught as illegals. That’s the newest low, 
one more tactic to sow anger, hate, 
discord. It’s a bully’s idiocy. 
More troops? More drones? I hear the drumbeats grow.

(written back in spring, 2017)

Donald Trump: Dream #8 

We were served plates of the most tender veal. 
The plates kept coming and we kept eating. 
We had the best table, the first seating 
of the evening. A beautiful meal. 
I sat with Ivanka and Eric, real 
close together. We heard ourselves breathing. 
Somehow it had turned into a meeting 
and the kids wanted to know how to steal 
Donald Jr.’s shares. It was hard to know 
whether to be angry or proud. Follow 
your daddy, I told them. The veal was good, 
and chocolate cake too. I like my food 

well-done, everything chewy but tender. 
The cook knew some tricks. Our waitress, slender.

(in the first two books, the many poems in Trump's
voice are all italicized)