How to Buy Trump Sonnets

Small Press Distribution carries both Volume 1 and Volume 2 (and now stocks Volume 3). You can order directly from them, or any good indie bookstore can order them on your behalf. You can also buy books directly from Ken Waldman at an event (and he'll be happy to sign them). He'll also sell books the old-fashioned way via postal mail. He takes cash and checks only ( he really is old-fashioned and is easy to reach).


Below, a tour schedule (Another way to find Ken Waldman)!

Previous events


Portland show

Hostel Cafe

Prepare for a mythic evening when I'm joined by Tia Regan, Willi Carlisle, presumably Jeanie Murphy, and hopefully Ned Leager.


Crib Concerts


More details as they're in place but there will be a fine accompanist or two here.


Chico residency

Chico CA

Beginning of three-day residency will include school visits and various campus events, some with accompanist(s).


NOLA Donald Trump is My Muse show

Art Klub NOLA, New Orleans

I'll be Art Klub NOLA for a book release show and also full-length evening of theater and music doing one of my Donald Trump is My Muse shows.


Boston-area set

Club Passim, Cambridge MA

It's Discovery Series Monday, and I'll be on at 8 pm and will be joined by banjo player, Joel Wennerstrom and multi-instrumentalist, Erica Weiss. There will be a Trump Sonnet or two, for sure.


New Orleans bookfair

Gasa Gasa, New Orleans

I'll be minding the table at the bookfair, and, yes, will have all three Trump Sonnets book, and everything else.